My Speech as President of Student Council

My Speech as President of Student Council

This was my election speech which enabled me to become President of Student Council.

From the ages of Dominique Rutherford till the days of …, Alex Ngolle and Loic Fokou, our school, community and family has been blessed with wonderful leaders, leaders who have helped to set our school with its own identity, its style and pride, the ASOY spirit. Our school history has been bathed with great and inspiring leaders who by our votes and were able to accomplish all these for us. Never in time had we been betrayed by those who were the right choice, but always by the wrong choice which we should never allow to happen again. Today history in our school is in the making and we are the scribes to decide how we shall write it.

I set before you two choices, the right choice and the best choice. The right choice for us, for the betterment of our society, for the establishment of a trend we have always lacked and to realize the dreams we had always thought a drift. I stand here NOT as your savior but as the man with whom we will enjoy what we had deemed impossible, to set our community as the ideal, to be the shoulder that would always be there to cry on or be comforted on and to be your servant with whom you would always be able to count on. I promise and ensure that the change we have all been hoping for will occur and by the time we would have half done shaping our community our little bothers and sisters in middle school  and elementary will all stand in awe and appreciation for what we have done for them and for us. We have a lot to build on and it would be my delight to be the president to achieve these goals.

Let’s take for example the high school dance. There is a high school dance scheduled tomorrow and you really want to go. So you look straight in your daddy’s eyes and say “Daddy could you take me to school I want to dance.” What will your Dad say? Come on guys, that is so awkward. We need to add something to the name”. High School Dance”. Let’s call it High school evening”. We could start the evening with dance battles  between the high school classes  to check out the class with the best dancers , the class with the greatest eaters  or the class with the greatest intellects. And the class who wins will then be the host of the dance from which we would party till the morning. With that daddy will then be happy to take us to school.

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